Exertis Wants to be A/V Number 1 in the UK

By Bob Raikes

Extertis Managing Director, Paul Bryan, has given an interview to CRN in which he sets out an aim to move away from being seen as a ‘broadline’ distributor and. among other things, becoming the largest distributor in A/V in the UK. The company believes that if TechData had not acquired Avnet (Tech Data to Buy Avnet), then it would already be the biggest distributor. Turnover for the grow was £2.44 billion ($3 billion) last year, with £1.76 billion ($2.17 billion) coming in the UK.

Exertis has been acquiring companies since its re-branding in 2014. It used to be called MicroP, a shortening of its original name (from the 1980s), Micro Peripherals (a company I competed fiercely with for monitor and printer sales in the mid-80s! Man. Ed). One of the acquired companies was Medium in the UK, an A/V specialist and it is one of the acquisitions that has helped the company move further towards a 50/50 balance between consumer and commercial business. (Exertis buys Medium)
Bryan estimates its business as 60/40 at the moment, in favour of consumer, its traditional strength. At present, the Medium business is known as Exertis-Medium, but eventually it will become Exertis AV.
Bryan believes that the distribution scene will continue to consolidate and the company is still on the lookout for acquisitions. He thinks there will be opportunities from ‘distressed’ players.

Analyst Comment

If Exertis wants to challenge Midwich, the current largest A/V distributor, it may need to work hard over some time. Midwich is, itself, pushing on. (Midwich Has Good Year) (BR)