Dynascan Boosts Very High Brightness

By Bob Raikes

All of the main LFD suppliers are trying to get a share of the high brightness display market, but are typically topping out at around 2,500 cd/m², which is where the panel makers tend to limit their “off the shelf” panels. Dynascan typically gets started at around that level and goes up in brightness. As a result, its monitors tend to stand out very well at events like ISE.

Dynascan told us that it has now standardised across its range on IPS panels, partly because of its high TNI Liquid Crystal materials which resist the blackening effect of high temperatures. We looked at a new 42″ DS421LT4 which has brightness of 2,500 cd/m² (although the company’s press release quotes 3,000 cd/m²). Also on the booth, and available from the middle of Q2, were two versions of a 49″ display with either 3,500 or 5,500 cd/m².

The company has also been boosting the brightness of its existing products and we looked at an upgraded 65″ monitor that has been switched to IPS and has brightness boosted to 4,000 cd/m². Dynascan has also been able to make its 3,000 cd/m² displays output up to 3,500 cd/m² and has also been able to make the monitors fanless.

The lower aperture ratio of UltraHD makes higher brightness a challenge, but Dynascan now has an 84″ unit with 2,500cd/m² of output.

Dynascan’s brightness is impressive. Image:Meko