Dynamic Focus on 55″ Full HD LCD Public Displays V22 Issue 15

This week we are highlighting LCD Public Displays in the 55″ Full HD category covering sizes 53.5″ to 59.49″ with 1920 x 1080 resolution. There are 10 brands featured in the advertising. Samsung is at the top of the PageShare for the combined three major countries, NEC Displays is second and LG is third. The ranking is the same in France. In Germany, LG is top followed by Samsung in second and NEC Displays in third, while in the UK, NEC Displays and Samsung are in joint first followed by LG in third.

Over the three countries, NEC Displays’ MultiSync P553 is top followed by LG’s 55LS33A-5D in second and Samsung’s PE55C in third. In France, Samsung’s ED55D is top with NEC Displays taking the next two positions with the MultiSync X552S and the MultiSync V552. In Germany, NEC Displays’ MultiSync X552S is top with LG’s 55LS35A in second and NEC Displays’ MultiSync V552 in third. In the UK, the three leading models were NEC Displays’ MultiSync E554, NEC Displays’ MultiSync P553 and ViewSonic’s CDE5500-L.

The average dollar price was down 16% year on year over the three countries. The average dollar price in France was down 23% YoY, while in Germany it was down 18% and in the UK it was down by 11%. The minimum price in March for a 55″ Full HD LCD Public Display was $886.48 excluding tax.