Peerless Develops Multi-Monitor Mounting Options

Peerless-AV has developed a new range of mounts for desktop monitors, to help limit the effects of prolonged display use – such as fatigue, muscle aches and eye strain. The new mounts offer single, double, triple and quad monitor positioning, all with integrated cable management. The arm and wall mounts can support a range of weights – from 3.8kg to 8.1kg.

The LCT100S is a desktop monitor stand for displays up to 29″, in portrait or landscape orientation. Grommet and clamp-on attachment options are available.

Arm mounts come in the form of the LCT620A and LCT620A-G. These units have a height-adjustable articulating arm, with 320mm of height adjustment; 558mm of extension adjustment; -90° – 45° tilt; 180° swivel; and 360° rotation. Clamp-on and grommet bases can be chosen by the user.

The LCT620AD and LCT620AD-G are also arm mount types, for dual monitors; the LCT620AT-G features three arms and the LCT620AQ-G has four. The -G mounts only have a grommet base option.

Finally, the LCW620A has a height-adjustable articulating arm with a wall mounting bracket; this can be used when desktop space is available. It is also available with two arms (LCW620AD).

Peerless-AV’s reseller partners across Europe are distributing the new range now.