DNP and Scivax Join Forces for Mass-Producing Nanoimprinted Products

Dai Nippon Printing Co., Ltd. and SCIVAX Co., Ltd. have entered into a capital and operational alliance regarding a foundry business designed to mass-produce nanoimprinted products. A production control joint venture, Nanoimprint Solutions Co., Ltd., (Nanosol) was established on April 3, 2023.

Source: Scivax

(DNP) and Scivax Co., Ltd. have announced a strategic capital and operational alliance aimed at mass-producing nanoimprinted products. The joint venture, Nanoimprint Solutions Co., Ltd. (Nanosol), was established on April 3, 2023, to oversee production control.

The partnership will leverage the unique strengths of both companies to ensure the stable supply of mass-produced nanoimprinted products, as nanoimprinting technology is anticipated to play a significant role in various fields. These include 3D sensor devices, smartglasses, and next-generation DNA sequencer bio-device elements.

DNP will contribute its expertise in cutting-edge nanoimprint master mold manufacturing technology, mass production, and quality control know-how. In contrast, Scivax will bring its strengths in high-precision nanoimprinting mass-production manufacturing equipment, equipment design technology, and process know-how to the alliance. By combining these capabilities, the two companies will further integrate their value chains and create a responsive system for mass production outsourcing in Japan.

This strategic alliance also aims to address global supply chain risks by choosing the most suitable manufacturing plants from both companies for product manufacturing. Production control will be managed by the newly established Nanosol.

Company nameNanoimprint Solutions Co., Ltd.
Location1-1-1 Ichigaya Kaga-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo
Capital10 million yen
Business contentsMass production management of nanoimprint contract business
Ownership stakeDNP 50%、Scivax 50%