DisplaySearch: Q2 UltraHD Shipments Beat All of 2013

More UltraHD TV sets were shipped in Q2’14 than throughout all of 2013, says NPD DisplaySearch: 2.1 million, compared to 1.6 million. Most brands introduced their 2014 UltraHD TVs at this time, pushing the feature as a ‘must-have’. China’s market share of UltraHD TVs has fallen from 80% last year (due to the high number of low-cost TVs introduced by Chinese brands), to below 60% in Q2’14. A lack of UltraHD content in the country is partly to blame, as have global product launches from international brands.

Paul Gray, director of European research for DisplaySearch, said, “[T]here needs to be greater implementation of broadcast offerings that deepen the value of [UltraHD] sets, beyond pixel counts”.