CreateLED Enhances LED Videowall Contrast

A CreateLED screen made of AirMAG-S modules and the Ebony Black material. The flash used to take this photo did not significantly degrade the display contrast except in the region of specular reflection. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

Lighthouse Q series resizeA Q series display in the Lighthouse Technology booth that used a conventional mask showed significantly reduced contrast when photographed with a flash. (Credit: M. Brennesholtz)

CreateLED’s ISE booth was dominated by a large screen made from their AirMAG-S modules, an existing product for the company. The difference was that it was made by a material called Ebony Black. This is a liquid that can be cast in-place to form a black matrix around the individual LEDs. Conventional module construction uses a pre-formed mask to provide the black space between LEDs.

According to Daria Fedorova, Business Development Specialist at CreateLED, this provides a blacker background that reflects less ambient light than a black mask would. This, in turn, provides higher contrast for the display in high ambient light conditions. As can be seen in the flash photos of the CreateLED screen with Ebony Black compared to a similar screen from Lighthouse without Ebony Black, this appears to be true. Ms. Dedorova added that Ebony Black can be used to enhance the contrast of any CreateLED module. Other than Ebony Black, CreateLED was not showing any new products this year. –Matthew Brennesholt