Cinionic Wins CineWorld Deal

Barco’s Cinionic joint venture has said that it has a deal with cinema operator, Cineworld, under which it will supply 600 laser projectors over the next three years. Cineworld is the second largest operator in the world, with 9,538 screens across the US (7,300+) and Europe, after buying the Regal chain in the US at the end of 2017. Cineworld is operating cinemas today in ten countries: the US, the UK, Ireland, Poland, Romania, Israel, Hungary, Czech, Bulgaria and Slovakia

Renana Teperberg, Chief Commercial Officer of Cineworld said

“Cineworld has always believed in being at the forefront of technology in order to provide our customers with the best experience, including the quality of the picture and the light on our big screens. We have been looking into laser projectors for some time now and we are delighted to announce this deal with Barco. Barco has been our partner for many years and it was a natural choice for us to put our trust in them when moving to the next generation of technology,”