Vol 25 - Issue 16


Apple Patent Details New Eye-Tracking Technology

by Andrew Fenn

Apple has registered a patent for a new eye tracking system designed to reduce component obstructions between users’ eyes and current tracking hardware. Apple’s design features an infrared emitter and camera on the side …

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Good News From Korea

by Bob Raikes

This week, as I write my editorial, there is a lot of news coverage of the apparent rapprochement between the two halves of Korea. It’s great to see some break in hostilities, although the …

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Dell Updates the Commercial Range

by Bob Raikes

Dell has updated a number of its Commercial PCs, added new mobile workstations and added a monitor. The company highlighted improved security and power. The Precision 7730 and 750 mobile workstations use 8th Gen …

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Toshiba Partners with Atheer

by Bob Raikes

We reported that Toshiba was supplying the AR glasses from Vuzix under an OEM deal, but at the time, we missed that Toshiba has also signed a deal with Atheer for software to support …

Tags:AR/VR| Augmented Reality| Mobile Display Monitor| toshiba| Vol 25 - Issue 16

LG G7 Boosts Brightness

by Bob Raikes

Ahead of the full launch next week, LG released information on the display to be used in the G7 ThinQ smartphone. It will be a 6.1″ 3120 x 1440 (QuadHD+) IPS LCD with 1,000 …

Tags:LG Electronics (LGE)| Mobile Display Monitor| Smartphones| Vol 25 - Issue 16| Wide Colour Gamut (WCG)

New Rules for European Audiovisual Media Regulation

by Andrew Fenn

The European Parliament, Council and Commission have reached a preliminary agreement on revised audiovisual media rules in Europe. Negotiations will officially conclude in June. The rules are likely to mean that SVOD suppliers such …

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WaveOptics Announces AR Lens Partnership with EV Group

by Andrew Fenn

WaveOptics, a designer and manufacturer of diffractive waveguides, has announced a collaboration with EV Group, a supplier of wafer bonding and nano-imprint lithography equipment, to bring AR waveguides — a key optical component for …

Tags:AR/VR| Augmented Reality| Mobile Display Monitor| Optics| Vol 25 - Issue 16

Beijing Movie Theatre Adds VR Room

by Andrew Fenn

Er Dong Pictures has added a 200-metre-long, futuristic-looking VR movie theatre to the ZYED cinema in Beijing, with 20 specially-designed chairs incorporating VR headsets and sensory feedback technology, allowing the seats to spin and …

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Qualcomm Result 25/04/2018

by Vijaya

Qualcomm Inc reported its financial results for the second quarter ended March 25, 2018. Revenues for the second quarter 2018 were $5.3 billion, an increase of 5%, compared to $5.0 billion in Q2 2018. …

Tags:Financial Data| Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| Qualcomm| Vol 25 - Issue 16

Cinionic Wins CineWorld Deal

by Bob Raikes

Barco’s Cinionic joint venture has said that it has a deal with cinema operator, Cineworld, under which it will supply 600 laser projectors over the next three years. Cineworld is the second largest operator …

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AUO Result 26/4/2018

by Vijaya

AU Optronics Corporation announced its consolidated financial results for the first quarter of 2018. Consolidated revenue for the first quarter 2018 was NT$74.44 billion ($2.51 billion), down by 16%, compared to NT$88.55 billion ($2.98 …

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Chinese FPD factory financing model

Building new display fabs in China to face financing challenges

by David Hsieh

When the Chinese government announced years ago that it was supporting the country’s display manufacturing industry in its 13th Five Year Plan from 2016 to 2020-specifically, to upgrade the manufacturing floor and develop expertise …

Tags:China| Investment| LCD Fabs| OLED Fabs| Vol 25 - Issue 16