Changhong Shows TV Range and Projector at IFA 2017

Changhong showed its range of TVs for 2017 at IFA along with some concept TVs and projection solutions.

Like many TV brands at IFA, Changhong mostly showcased Oled sets as its high end models. This included models that use the LG panel with integrated acoustic sound, wallpaper TVs and upscale designer models. The 65″ wallpaper Oled TV (65Q5AZH and 55Q5AZH) was wall mounted and had a Changhong designed electronics and sound bar box sitting below the set. They claim this unit is the smallest among those offering similar solutions.

Changhong 4Changhong Claims to have the smallest external box for the Wallpaper Oled

A second version of the Oled TV was called 4K Slim Oled TV (65Q5A) and will be offered in 65″ and 55″ models. Changhong says they want to use these Oled TV to expand the market, but none of the Oled TVs is lilkely to be launched until 2018 because of tight Oled panel supply.

Changhong 3

In LCD TV, they were showing the 4K ART Glass Smart TV (65Q5RZH) that has a unique stand composed of swans designed by Swarovski. There was also a 4K Slim Smart TV (55Q5K) being offered in 55″, 60″ and 65″ screen sizes.

Changhong was also showing a 65″ 8K TV (65ZHQ3R) and they have a 60″ model as well. They were not announcing any commercialization plans, but they are considering launching in China in 2018.

No details on performance were available other than to say they support HDR and WCG.

Changhong 3

Turning to projection, we saw a demo of their smart theater using three of their short throw laser phosphor projectors. Each creates a 100″ image and there were three side-by-side doing a game demo (just like LG Electronics). These are targeted for home and the education market and carry a 20,000 RMB price point (~$3,000). Three models are offered: B5W, B5F and AF5. The F models are FHD while the W model is 1280×800 resolution. The B models offer 2500 lumens and the A model is 2000 lumens. All use a single 0.65″ DLP chip. Three screens are also offered. There is a 100″ Fresnel optical screen (for light rejection); a 120″ fixed frame and a 120″ electric tab-tension version.

Changhong 4Changhong 4