Canon Adds More HDR Support

Canon was showing a number of different displays including HDR reference monitors and an LCOS projector with HDR support. Products shown included the existing DP-V2420 which was introduced last year at IBC. The company was showing its LUTs for different Sony and Canon HDR schemes.

A new product is the DP-V2411 which is a 24″ display with 12G-SDI support over a single cable. Unusually, the panel supports the full 4096 x 2160 resolution and has 2,000:1 contrast ratio. The monitor uses a direct-lit 10 bit IPS LCD panel using white LEDs with 600 cd/m² of output, even in full screen white. The monitor has a ‘boost’ mode that will take this to 1,000 cd/m², although in this mode, the black level will tend to rise. The monitor will cost around €16,000 and will ship in November.

Canon DP V2411

This ensures that you do not see the kind of ABL reaction to bright images that you see on OLED displays. HDR EOTFs supported include HLG, PQ and Canon Log, Log 2 and Log 3. Features include a waveform monitor and vectorscope and the monitor will ship in December for around $20,000. The monitor can run on 24V DC or mains power.

Another new monitor was a DCI 4K monitor, the DP-V3001, that had output of 2,000 cd/m² and that used RGB LEDs in the backlight. The monitor was very, very deep, suggesting some heat and power issues and costs a lot (at €50K to €60K it makes the Sony OLED look cheap!) so the company told us that it would just make it to order.

Also on display was the Xeed 4K501ST DCI LCOS projector which was launched in the summer of 2016. (LCoS and Rear Projection at Canon)

Canon LCD MonitorCanon’s 2,000 nit LCD Monitor is available to order only, because of the cost.