BC13 EMD/Merck Looks to the Future

Brian Daniels is Senior VP and Business Unit Head for EMD Performance Materials (previously AZ Electronic Materials) and he started by getting his audience to focus on the future from 2030 onwards. EMD is part of Merck KgA (after Merck acquired AZ) which has rebranded (see the Display Daily A New Look for Merck/EMD for more on this). He explained that Merck is in pharma and life sciences as well as display materials. Daniels said that Merck is good at taking the collision of chemicals and physics. He said that for big companies. One of the developments is the Licrieye deformable lenses and Daniels said that in the future there will be direct connection to the visual cortex to deal with vision issues. Merck has a competition to find new Liquid Crystal applications – in displays or not.

EMD Merck