BC12 Atom Shows CNT TFTs and New OLED Structure

The next speaker was Huaping Li, Chief Scientist of Atom Nanoelectronics. He spoke about Carbon Nanotube (CNT) transistor backplanes, based on single chirality inks. He said that the mobility is better than oxide transistors. His company has developed a CNT transistor of N type and have made around 30 with very good uniformity and also very little shift in performance over use. The transfer curve is very similar to amorphous TFTs, although not as good as LTPS, but can be made using the same kind of process as A-si backplanes. The company is looking for some more engineers and is also looking for partners. The company has also created a printed transistor that can be used to drive a microLED.

Atom nanoelectronicsAtom Nanoelectronics has CNT Transistors, suitable for microLEDs and also a novel OLED architecture

Atom is also developing a new OLED display. Current OLEDs are complicated. However Atom controls the electron injection to manage the brightness modulation. The device is made by patterning the gate electrode, but otherwise is much simpler than other OLED methods. The company has made low resolution and segmented OLED displays using this technique. The company then made an OLED device on a flexible substrate and has made a transparent device.

Li said that the solution processed CNT is useful for AR & VR markets

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Atom was in the iZone with a sample of its OLED technology. (BR)

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