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World Events and the Coming Glut in Large Area LCD Panels – Part 1

by Barry Young

DD Contributor and OLED Association CEO Barry Young recently wrote an interesting article about the global macroeconomic situation which included material from a recent Omdia briefing. It also covered the battle between OLED and …

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World Events and the Coming Glut in Large Area LCD Panels – Part 2

by Barry Young

On Tuesday, we published the first part of Barry Young’s article on the developments in the large area panel market and we focused on the macroeconomics and LCD supply side. In this article, he …

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LGD and BOE Competing with SDC for Larger Share of iPhone Business

by Barry Young

Apple has depended on Samsung for the majority of its OLED panel supply, but its policy is to minimize dependency on any single supplier. To that end it has encouraged LG Display (LGD) to …

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MiniLEDs Create Opportunity for OLED IT Panel Makers

by Barry Young

As LCD makers looked to differentiate their product by offering LCDs with miniLED backlights with greater contrast ratio and higher luminance, they, in effect, opened more of the 270m unit notebook market to OLEDs, …

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Samsung’s Smartphone Dilemma

by Barry Young

Over the past 2 years, Samsung Mobile sold 340m more smartphones, generated $172.7 billion less in revenue and $87.2 billion less in operating profits than Apple’s iPhone. Apple generates 37% of all smartphone revenue …

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The Likelihood and Timing of a Consumer Priced µLED TV

by Barry Young

LGE joined the MicroLED TV club and now there are three members. The announcement provides more insight into the past than it does the future. The µLED TV is composed of segments that are …

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The Flat Panel Industry as it Enters Q421

by Barry Young

Large panel capacity is up 5.7% Y/Y, due to the growth in China, offset somewhat by Samsung’s partial exit from LCD production. Samsung’s large area display capacity share has dropped from 11% in Q120 …

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SDP Global to Supply Innolux with Panels from Its Gen 10.5 Fab

by Barry Young

Terry Gou has big ideas. In 1974,he founded Foxconn, now China’s largest private employer and exporter assembling the largest share of iPhone and hundreds of other products. But he wanted to move up the …

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Samsung Takes a Hard Look at Its Mobile Division

by Barry Young

By most measures Samsung Electronics (SEC) is having a banner H121: total revenues are up 19.2% Y/Y and net profits are up even more, 34.4%. Visual Display (the TV & monitor business) revenues are …

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