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The Graying of the Global Display Industry

by Barry Young

Given the near and mid-term outlook, and the lack of any new capacity-demanding applications, the era of the crystal cycle is over, to be replaced by a more consistent but low growth pattern.

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MicroLED Display for Apple Watch Could Cost 3 to 4x OLED

by Barry Young

Wei Chen, Apple VP display products, announced that Apple would use its own microLED display in the Apple Watch and that in the future it would extend to smartphones tablets and even MacBooks. This …

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Omniply Stick and Peel Process: A Substitute for LLO

by Barry Young

OLED flexible panel makers use a glass carrier to hold the polyimide (P)I substrate during the array process and subsequently during the deposition process. Between the PI and the glass carrier is a sacrificial …

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VR/AR/MR on the Cusp of Volume Adoption – Part 2

by Barry Young

Yesterday, I introduced AR and its applications and today I’ll look some other aspects of AR and VR. The VR/AR category was expanded to include “MR” (Mixed Reality) also called “MX” (or passthrough AR – …

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VR/AR/MR on the Cusp of Volume Adoption – Part 1

by Barry Young

With the slowdown in smartphone, IT and TV demand, VR/AR/MR is gaining center stage in the display industry, especially now that Apple has committed to its first two products. Through 2022, Meta’s Quest VR headset …

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TCL Chairman Weighs Decision on Gen 8.5 IJP OLED Fab

by Barry Young

TCL enjoyed the fruits of years of investing heavily in displays, TVs, smartphones and appliances that together with extraordinary ASP growth saw Y/Y revenues in 2021 up 113%, gross margins up 7% and pretax …

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The Next Generation of OLED Emitters Could be Plasmon PHOLEDs

by Barry Young

DisplayWeek had many papers and exhibits extolling the benefits of MicroLEDs, which all begin with the extraordinary EQE for 100 µm LEDs ranging from 75% for blue to 45% for red and 40% for …

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SID’s 60th Anniversary – Optimism in the Face of Falling Panel Prices, Demand and Profitability (Part 2)

by Barry Young

Yesterday, we had the first part of the report by Barry Young on the recent SID Display Week event in San Jose. Here is part 2. (SID’s 60th Anniversary – Optimism in the Face …

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SID’s 60th Anniversary – Optimism in the Face of Falling Panel Prices, Demand and Profitability (Part 1)

by Barry Young

Ross Young, CEO of DSCC started the Business Conference with a message that the last two years saw record breaking revenues, shipments and profits, but warned that it would take four years before the …

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