AMD Helps Developers & PlayStation Now Includes PS4 Titles

Our friend, Dr. Jon Peddie has pointed out that now that AMD is supplying x86-based APUs to Sony and Microsoft for their consoles, games developers can introduce games for PCs as well as the PlayStation and XBox at the same time, if they choose to, and do not have to develop significantly separate versions for the platforms. Peddie believes that this has helped to develop the scale of the game market.

PS4 games are also now being made available on the Playstation Now platform, which means that PS4 games can be played on a PC. Previously, games were limited to PS3 titles. There are now 400 titles from more than 70 developers on the platform. Sony said that total playing hours on the platform have grown 44% since the launch.

Sony Playstation 4 games are now becoming available on Playstation Now – so can be played on a PC.