Panono is Sold

We reported recently that 360 camera maker, Panano, had filed for bankruptcy, but the assets of the business are now being sold. However, Indiegogo backers that had not yet got cameras will not be covered by the agreement. (Panono 360 Camera Maker Fails). The proceeds of the sale will be used to pay company debt.

The buyer for the assets is Bryanston Group AG, a Swiss private equity company that has started a new company, Professional360 GmbH in Berlin to continue the development and sale of the cameras.

The company said in a statement that:

“while all legal liabilities remain with the old Panono GmbH and its management, we as Professional360 GmbH feel morally obliged to find a solution that all early supporters of the Panono technology will be able to enjoy the camera as soon as possible after so many years of waiting. We are working on this and will release new information on this topic shortly.”