Zytronic Supply Sensors to Over 1600 Moscow Metro and Bus Ticket Machines

By Alan Spencer

Zytronic has announced that it has supplied nearly 700 touch sensors for self-service ticket machines installed on the Moscow Metro and at Moscow bus stops. The 17” and 19” sensors were supplied by, Zytronic’s partner, Elatec, to Russian systems integrator Progressive Self-Service Systems and are part of a phased roll-out which will eventually extend to over 1600 machines.

Progressive Self-Service Systems designed and built the new touch screen based terminals to replace existing push button mechanical self-service ticket machines. In addition to buying tickets for single or return journeys, customers can replenish their cashless network cards. The new kiosks also accept banknotes or contactless credit cards.

The terminals are designed to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week in a range of indoor and outdoor unattended locations and can be subjected to temperatures that can range from -30 to +40°C. The touchscreens need to work in driving rain and snow, and still detect the touch of a user wearing winter gloves.

An extra requirement was that the capacitive touch sensors were to be mounted behind, and operate through thick, toughened glass. Zytronic’s touch sensors function well through glass thicknesses of over 10mm.

Zytronic Sensors Used in Moscow Metro and Bus Ticket Machines