Warranty Suppliers Not Satisfying Customers

We saw an interesting article on Warranty Week that looks at the impact of different warranty approaches can impact the profitability of businesses. The article quotes a survey that showed that only 33% of respondents are currently satisfied with the services and solutions from their current supplier, with those that are extremely satisfied down from last year to just 6%.

Only 20% of respondents have fully automated warranty processes.

Analyst Comment

I was amazed during my recent warranty episode with Lenovo that despite the firm being, ostensibly, an IT company, there was no online tracking of my incident, with everything done via phone calls to a call centre who had no information about the plans of their onsite service provider unless they called up. I also had almost no advice of times and appointments, until around 30 minutes before. Really, it was like being back in the 1980s and way below the level of even simple services such as courier delivery, these days. (BR)

warranty automation77% of Warranty Management Processes Are at Least Partially Automated (percent response)