VT iDirect Tests DVB-S2X with SES

VT iDirect Inc of Herndon, Virginia, USA, said that it has succeeded with tests of DVB-2SX using a signal from the SES-4 satellite. “This test with SES represents our first DVB-S2X forward channel testing over C-Band and the first ATDMA return OTA testing with the iQ Desktop, which validates our DVB-S2X platform being able to deliver significant performance and efficiency gains for SES’ customers”, said Wayne Haubner, Senior Vice President, Engineering & Emerging Technologies, VT iDirect.

The technology is based on a new ASIC from VT iDirect.

Analyst Comment

We’ve been reporting on DVB-S2X for several years – it was approved in 2014. The core DVB-S2 technology is very close to the Shannon limit which is regarded as the maximum performance possible for raw speed, so the base S2 is unlikely to be updated as the cost benefit ratio is likely to be poor. However, changes in S2X can make the bandwidth more usable. For example, S2X allows channel bonding of three separate broadcast channels to create a single 150Mbps stream which should give significant advantages when multiple channels of UltraHD are transmitted, using statistical multiplexing. Gains of 20% to 30% in efficiency may be possible and in some circumstances, as much as 50%. (BR)