VR Has a Serious Sex Application

It’s often said that the driving force of much new technology is porn. But VR is having a more serious use in Spain. Institut Marquès, a private fertility clinic with centres in Barcelona, London, and Dublin, has set up a VR centre to help sperm donors to “feel as comfortable as possible and get maximum pre-excitement prior to ejaculation”. Dr López-Teijón says it’s been proven that a high level of arousal can have a positive affect on a sample.

VR Bangers (not work friendly!) is the adult entertainment company which supplies the all-in-one AuraVisor headset pre-loaded with 4K 360º videos for the USC Center.

The technology is also being used in the company’s facilities in Los Angeles.

Analyst Comment

Checking out this headset, I found an unusually negative review here, although the review acknowledges that performance is OK for 360º video.

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