Vivitek Shows 4K TRP Projector and More

Vivitek is the brand name for products made by parent company Delta Electronics, which also supplies a number of other projector brands on an OEM basis. In the booth at CEDIA 2016 was a prototype of a single-chip DLP projector using the 4M mirror TRP chip set to create a 4K image. It is powered by a laser phosphor engine (20K hour lifetime to 50% brightness) that creates a peak output of 7000 lumens, but probably a lot less when in its 709 mode.

It will be offered with several interchangeable lenses and was shown in the booth with a short throw lens in a Laser TV configuration (i.e. below the screen). Like Digital Projection, Vivitek anticipates the projector (without lens) will retail in the $20K range. Availability is in early 2017.

Also being shown was the DU7095Z, a WUXGA resolution single-chip DLP model without any image shifting. This is a new laser phosphor model that offers a color gamut in excess of Rec. 709 and 7000 peak lumens. The companion DU8090Z offers 8000 lumens.

Vivitek’s DH759USTI 3rd generation HD1080p ultra-short throw interactive projector features built-in pen interactivity and finger-touch upgradability and delivers an impressive image, resulting from the outstanding brightness and contrast ratio of 10:000:1 in its respective resolutions.

Vivitek showed its Novo line, the NovoPRO and the NovoDS. NovoPRO is a next-generation BYOD system for wireless presentation and collaboration. Built on a new Quad Core platform, the NovoPRO allows for a highly reactive instance response system (IRS). The NovoDS is intended for creating dynamic multimedia content for a variety of large-scale corporate and educational applications. Featuring a diverse mix of signage templates, users are able to generate signage content without the need of programming skills, Vivitek says.

Parent company, Delta Displays, debuted its new IE Series 104” LED Display. This series can be configured in to 16:9 displays and ordered in standard sizes, allowing the IE to be integrated into any new or preconfigured space. – CC