Vivitek Focuses on Solid State

Projector maker Vivitek was highlighting two laser-phosphor DLP projectors called the DU7090Z (6,500 lumens) and DU8090Z (8,000 lumens). These models use a 400nm blue laser from Nichia, a yellow phosphor and an RG colour wheel that separates out the red and green. We were told that the projectors have a similar gamut coverage to LED models, and “easily” cover 100% sRGB. Both have 1920 x 1200 resolution.

The DU8090Z is available now. Eight optional lenses are supplied with the projector, with throw ratios from 0.38 – 8.26:1. The unit features edge-blend and warp functionality built in, as well as a light version of HDBaseT; this will carry video, control and USB signals but not audio or power. An SDI port is also built in. Vivitek supplies a five-year warranty for the projector, and sells it for €10,990.

Five lenses are supplied with DU7090Z, which will be launched in mid-April. These have throw ratios between 0.77 and 5.0:1. The projector has manual vertical and horizontal lens shift. It will cost €6,990.

Going forward, all of Vivitek’s high-brightness models (more than 1,500 lumens) will be laser, while lower-brightness units will use LED illumination. However, Vivitek has said that it will not use Philips’ HLD LED technology yet, as the company does not consider it mature enough and the projectors using it are physically large.

Two new Qumi (LED) models will be launched this year.

Analyst Comment

Vivitek’s parent, Delta, is a significant OEM supplier to other brands and so the comments on LEDs and HLD are interesting. (BR)