Visionect Claims Zero Failures

By Bob Raikes

Visionect, which specialises in signage based on E Ink display technology said that since installing traffic systems developed by Mercury Innovation in Australia, said that the signs have seen zero defects since being installed in 2013.

“The road signs in Sydney are based on years of experience developing rugged but reliable products”, said Matej Zalar, CEO of Visionect. “The signs build on Visionect’s years of electronic paper signage expertise, and can, thanks to Mercury Innovation, withstand heat, humidity and direct sunlight and wind. We are proud of our zero failure rate.”

To reliably display road information, wireless signs had been built that communicate over the cellular network and don’t malfunction in the sun’s heat or during a power outage.

“We wanted to create a product that was lightweight, but thin and solar powered. This means that no holes were dug to incorporate cables for power or data,” said Enrique Esquivel, the co-founder of Mercury Innovation Traffic Solutions.

Visionect Traffic Signs 2