Visionect Aims at Education with Stampede

Visionect has launched in the US a new E Ink-based display for room booking that runs on battery and integrates with 25Live from CollegeNET, the calendaring and publishing program that the company says is used by the majority of higher education institutions. The displays, called Joan Classroom, will be sold through Stampede in the US. The 13″ display can show the full schedule for the room and battery life is one year.

The company is planning to support the Rave Alert mass notification system that will be able, in case of emergencies, to transform Joan Classroom into an information screen. This will then display relevant alerts at key points across the campus, contributing to campus safety on another level. The technical characteristics of Joan’s electronic paper screen also mean that the latest notification will always remain visible, even in case of a power failure.

The display is enclosed in a brushed aluminum casing enforced with a glass pane to protect from scratching and hazing, Joan Classroom is button-free and joins Visionect’s existing Joan meeting room solutions line consisting of the touchscreen 6″ Joan Manager and Joan Executive that display room availability at the meeting room door. The 13″ Joan Premium offers the most comprehensive room availability overview, and JOAN Board, showing the status of up to nine meeting rooms on a single screen.

Pricing is €899 until November 7th, when it will change to €1,199.