BOE and Lenovo Jointly Launch 65-Inch Interactive Tablet for Meeting Rooms

BOE recently did a joint launch with Lenovo, over in China. It was for a Lenovo ThinkPlus conference tablet P65+ which is actually the size of a table. The generic version of this display was shown as a technology demo on BOE’s booth at Display Week 2023.

The text talks about boundless vision and innovation, as well as the fact that the display has received a Red Dot award. (Source: Lenovo)

The tablet integrates one glass solution metal mesh (OGM) technology, a touch solution that makes it possible to have these giant, thin, devices. As a result, the tablet boasts a 65-inch capacitive touch quantum dot ultra-clear screen with 4K resolution and HDR10+ support.

One Glass Solution Metal Mesh

OGM is an innovative touchscreen technology developed as an alternative to the traditional capacitive touchscreens that rely on indium tin oxide (ITO). ITO, while effective as a transparent conductor, has seen escalating costs and supply chain challenges in recent years. As ITO becomes more expensive and harder to source, the metal mesh provides a cost-effective alternative.

OGM touchscreens are typically thinner and lighter. This is especially advantageous for mobile devices where compactness and weight are critical factors. The resilience of metal meshes makes OGM screens more robust, with a capacity to withstand harsh environments and the technology can be scaled up, making it ideal for larger devices like tablets and laptops.

While OGM offers several benefits, it’s not without challenges. Manufacturing these screens demands precision. The metal mesh needs to be meticulously patterned, aligned, and then bonded to the cover glass, ensuring no gaps. As manufacturers refine their processes, it’s anticipated that OGM will become both more prevalent and affordable.

The Red Dot Award

The Lenovo ThinkPlus P65 was specifically designed for collaborative conference settings involving small to medium-sized teams. The Red Dot jury that awarded it a prize for design was atually impressed by the function bar that housed essential elements such as speakers, sensors, and control buttons. It’s positioned slightly below the screen’s surface, which enables the screen to achieve an almost borderless look on all edges. They like the inclusion of a front cover for ports that added to the seamless aesthetic and the unobstructed access without compromising the display’s appearance meaning, it’s a good looking display to have in your meeting rooms and it’s functional.