Galaxy Z Fold5 Aces Rankings in Dxomark Display Tests

Hot on the heels of its review of the Galaxy Z Flip5, Dxomark has a review of the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold5’s display. With a score of 152, the Flip5 display has taken the top spot in Dxomark’s rankings.

Source: Dxomark

The device got positive recognition for its color fidelity and well-suited brightness levels, particularly when rendering HDR10 video content. Most importantly, the display exhibited excellent readability across a range of lighting conditions. The Galaxy Z Fold5’s display proficiency extended to various usage scenarios, including video playback and touch interaction. The device demonstrated its capacity to deliver smooth performance during activities such as video gaming, web browsing, and scrolling through image galleries. This seamless responsiveness added to the device’s overall appeal and usability.

One of the standout features of the Galaxy Z Fold5’s display, according to Dxomark, was its ability to maintain readability even under direct sunlight—a quality that is not commonly observed among ultra-premium smartphones. The device’s display excelled in maintaining good contrast and legibility when used outdoors in bright conditions. However, a minor drawback was noted during the high brightness mode under sunlight, where color content exhibited an unnatural appearance.

The color capabilities of the Z Fold5 were marked by a wide color gamut, although the color rendering occasionally leaned towards saturation. Despite this, the results were largely satisfactory, providing a comfortable and visually pleasing experience for users, except when used under direct sunlight.

As with most foldables, the crease on the display was observable in various situations, particularly when the device was used outdoors. Similarly, like many other foldable phones, the Galaxy Z Fold5 was susceptible to a slight perceptible lag between the left and right sides of the display—commonly referred to as the “jello effect.” This phenomenon, while noticeable, did not result in any discernible frame mismatches during activities such as video playback and gaming. Dxomark conducted its evaluation of the Z Fold5’s main screen while complying with Samsung’s recommendation to assess the device with its protective screen on.

In addition to assessing the main screen, Dxomark’s technicians also evaluated the cover screen’s attributes. The cover screen exhibited a peak brightness of 1710 nits and shared the same color gamut as the main screen. It boasted lower reflectivity when compared to the main screen, which further contributes to an improved viewing experience in various lighting conditions.