How Competitive is a Smartphone’s Display

by Omid Rahmat

Display benchmarks are fun but they may not go far enough in defining the true value of the smartphone’s display.

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iPhone 15 Pro Max Comes Fourth in Display Tests

by Shawnee Blackwood

The improved screen-to-body-ratio, enhanced reflectance ratio performance, and the commendable control of aliasing in video games indicate clear advancements over the previous model.

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Galaxy Z Fold5 Aces Rankings in Dxomark Display Tests

by Emory Kale

One of the standout features of the Galaxy Z Fold5’s display, according to Dxomark, was its ability to maintain readability even under direct sunlight—a quality that is not commonly observed among ultra-premium smartphones.

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Keep Your Good Eye on Pixelworks’ X7 Visual Processor

by Omid Rahmat

Pixelworks has been getting some design wins for its V7 visual processor. The chipset is incorporated in the OnePlus Ace 2 and it may have helped the newly released Honor Magic5 Pro take Apple’s …

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Honor Magic5 Pro Display Beats iPhone 14 Max Pro to Number One

by Omid Rahmat

The latest display tests by Dxomark show the Honor Magic5 Pro as sitting at number one. While not a winner in any one category of the tests, its overall performance was enough to take …

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MiniLED Backlight Units Set to Outshine OLEDs

by Artem Alekseenko

Yole Group, PISÉO, and DXOMARK join forces to provide a combined analysis of a disruptive technology that threatens to overshadow OLEDs in the high-end display market. With a $14 billion investment in miniLEDs between …

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