ViewSonic Sets Holiday Pricing

ViewSonic in the US gave pricing of some monitors and projectors for sale in the holiday season.

There are two new monitors. The XG2703-GS is aimed at gamers and features NVidia’s G-Sync and Ultra-Low Motion Blur technologies with a 165Hz refresh rate. It has a 27″ IPS panel with WQHD (2560×1440) resolution and a claimed response time of 4ms. ViewSonic has been previewing it since CES and has now been priced at $913. (Digital Experience Has Lots to See)

The VP2468 (ViewSonic’s VP2468 Has Flush Glass and Accurate Colour) is for colour editors and will sell for $326. A kit for calibration that it calls the Colorbration kit includes an X-Rite-based colour sensor, the CS-XR1. (as far as we could see, the software is freely downloadable for users that already have sensors – Man. Ed.)

We saw the LS820 laser phosphor projector in September when pricing was unclear (Hisense HDR and More at Pepcom), but it is now confirmed in the US at $2,999.

The VP2468