AMD Promoting New Pro 400 Series Graphics

AMD has formally released the Radeon Pro 400 Series Graphics which are in the MacBook Pro that Apple announced last week (Apple Event Introduces New Mac Book Pro). AMD said that the chip was specifically designed for content creators and that the chip uses a 14nm FinFET as well as ‘die thinning’ to reduce the thickness of the wafers from 780μ to 380μ (which AMD describes as “slightly less than the thickness of four pieces of paper”). The series ( Radeon Pro 450, 455, and 460 ) have a power envelope of 35W.

AMD is planning a campaign called “Meet the Creators” and also highlighted support for Radeon ProRender, AMD’s physically-based rendering engine planned for open source later this year, and supported via plugins in content creation applications including Maya, and a beta plugin for Rhino. AMD and Maxon also said that Radeon ProRender software will be available in a future release of Maxon’s Cinema 4D application for 3D modeling, animation and rendering using Apple’s Metal API.

AMD Meet the creators