ViewClix Launches All-New Smart Displays For Seniors and Their Families

ViewClix, a provider of visual communications for seniors, announced the launch of the new “E series” ViewClix Smart Frames. The Smart Frames are the latest release for the company which launched in 2017 and has provided tens of millions of video call minutes to families around the world.

“We’re excited to launch a world class product for a segment of the population that has largely been excluded from technological innovation,” said co-founder Dennis Ranck. The all-new frames provide families with innovative features to help them stay connected to their senior loved ones. Features available with the all-new Smart Frames include:

  • Instant Group Video Calls with auto-answer. The only group calling designed to be senior friendly.
  • Share video clips to the frame as well as YouTube videos and Live Streams.
  • Share pictures to the frame and create a personal slideshow for the senior to view.
  • ViewClix’s exclusive, PhotoChat feature which allows users to look at photos and memories together while on a video call.
  • Sticky Note reminders allow families to schedule notes to the frame.
  • 5-Day Weather Forecast at the top of every hour gives seniors peace of mind.
  • Day Clock Widget helps seniors stay oriented and can help with those seniors struggling with sundowning.
  • Call-Me is an innovative way for seniors to request a video call from their friend or family member.

“What’s unique about ViewClix is that all features are managed remotely by family or friends. This enables a tech-free, hassle-free experience for seniors to enjoy the benefits of new technology without the usual training or knowhow required. ViewClix bridges the technology gap and finally provides seniors and their families the easy-to-use solution they need to build a meaningful connection. We’ve heard from many families that have a loved one living with dementia that our solution is exactly what they need. “

The first smart display designed for seniors

The all-new Smart Frames will feature upgraded hardware that will bring the features to life. In development for over two years, the Smart Frames are designed to solve unique challenges facing the senior community when using technology.  The hardware upgrades include:

  • Powerful, front facing speakers
  • Internal Conference Microphone
  • Advanced Wi-Fi capabilities for improved connection to both 2.4GHz and 5GHz networks.
  • A beautiful anti-glare HD screen.
  • Double the speed and storage of the previous models of ViewClix Smart Frames.

Pricing and Availability

ViewClix Smart Frames are offered in two different sizes:

  • The ViewClix 15/e with its 15.6 inch display is priced at $299.
  • The ViewClix 10/e with its 10.1 inch display is priced at $199.
  • The ViewClix Premier Membership is offered at $9.95 a month.