Smart Technologies’ Launches GX Zero: A Streamlined, OS-Free Interactive Display

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Smart Technologies has launched the Smart Board GX Zero, a new interactive display designed for the education and business sectors. This product features an operating system-free approach, targeting users who wish to simplify their interactive presentations and content.

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Source: Smart Technologies

It sounds, at first, like the simple setup of connecting a laptop to a TV or monitor using a USB-C cable but the product offers a suite of advanced functionalities that elevate it beyond a mere second screen. First, its capacity for touch and pen input and the support for multiple touch points—up to 40 on Windows platforms—allowing for simultaneous collaboration among several users. This feature is especially valuable in environments like classrooms and meeting rooms, where group participation is essential.

Then there’s the Smart Ink software, which is claimed to seamlessly capture annotations directly into programs and files, such as PDFs and Microsoft Office documents, without the need for additional steps to save or export notes. Then there is the suggestion that the GX Zero’s focus on energy efficiency and sustainability can deliver about 52% on energy savings.

EdTech displays are really hard to cover because they are usually sold through dealer networks or direct into education, and this is kind of an EdTech product more than anything else. So, you don’t really have a sense of the value, just that it works and fits the requirements for the environment. But, it would work as a whiteboard in a business setting. I would dearly love to mark up people’s slide shows because most presenters could use the help. Am I right?