Video Released of Dubai OLED

In our round up from the Munich Digital Signage Summit a few weeks ago, we mentioned a new video wall that has been developed in Dubai that uses 820 55″ OLEDs in a 41 x 20 array that is driven at full resolution. (Digital Signage Summit Europe 2017 Exhibition). The video wall has been awarded three Guinness records for being the largest and the highest resolution: Largest OLED screen, Highest resolution video wall and Largest high-definition video wall.

One of the unusual features of the video wall is that displays are being driven at full resolution, so there are 1.7 billion pixels and we heard in Germany that the images being shown took three months to render.

As well as the OLED display, there is a transparent LED barrier that has been installed by GWS and made by ClearLED. The size is 62.5m x 0.9m and the pixel pitch is 6mm. Brightness is 3,000 cd/m² and transparency is 68%.

We also found the following video online. There’s another one that shows the full presentation loop here.