Video Clarity Unveils Perceptual-Quality Measurement Device for 4K

Video Clarity has released the RTM 4K, a 4K-capable version of the company’s RTM real-time audio and video monitoring solutions. RTM 4K is the first quality-monitoring solution that can apply 4K video sources and compare them with encoded/decoded 4K video to test for video quality, audio quality, lip sync, and loudness. It is also the first to perform those tests using full-reference methods and correlates results to accepted scales of human perception.

Video Clairity

“4K, real-time, full-reference, perceptual-quality functionality has never been done before. Now manufacturers and entertainment networks with new 4K delivery functions can set up real-time monitoring with the unique functionality of automatic, time-based quality measurements that are highly correlated and meaningful to the audience’s quality of experience,” said Blake Homan, president and founder of Video Clarity. “RTM 4K lets them run a full performance evaluation on the delivery chain automatically, which saves them time and money when evaluating their UHD deployments.”

Like all RTM systems, RTM 4K produces an alert and records a degraded A/V signal if it falls below user-set limits, enabling users either to make adjustments as the content is playing out, or to study and correct the problem later.

Content providers can deploy RTM 4K — both in advance and during a broadcast — for long-haul performance testing of special large-audience live programming, or in any instance where 4K content quality monitoring and measurement are required.

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