Vestel Provides Launch Timings for IFA Products

Following our discussion with Vestel at IFA (Display Monitor Vol 21 No 36), we have now confirmed launch windows for various products that we saw at the show.

* The single-wire TV and OLED TVs have been confirmed as prototypes, with no launch date;

* UltraHD set-top boxes will be launched in Q4’14;

* Freetime set-top boxes from Vestel and consumer brand Finlux will be available in January or February 2015;

* The dual-view 3D LCD TV, which we saw at last year’s show, is on-track to be available in Q1’15;

* A 75″ UltraHD TV will be launched near the end of 2015;

Additionally, the OPS digital signage monitor; signage monitor with face recognition; and social TV features that were demonstrated at the show are available now. We have also heard that Vestel is making Miracast a standard feature on all of its TVs.