V-Nova Secures Best in Show

V-Nova’s Perseus compression technology (V-Nova’s Perseus Lowers UltraHD Bandwidth Requirements) took home a 2015 Newbay Media Best of Show award at NAB this month. Perseus is said to lower bitrates by up to three times compared to H.264, HEVC and JPEG2000.

Analyst Comment

Unfortunately, we were not able to see the company’s demo at NAB. The encoder uses a ‘parallel’ architecture and proprietary algorithms to achieve coding gains. Because of the non-standard coding approach, I believe the company will likely face an uphill battle to get a foothold in the video production and streaming industries. (AGC)

My view is more optimistic than Aldo’s, based on the industry backing that V-Nova has. I expect to get to see the codec at next week’s TV Connect show in London. (BR)