Users Positive about AR/VR in Store

We have previously reported on the test project being run by Saturn in Germany (“HoloTour” at PoS – Saturn is based on Augmented Reality). Now the company has released the results of a survey of shoppers using the technology and it was reported by Invidis. Around 1,300 of those trying the system took part in the survey. The results showed that:

  • Approximately 70% of the interviewees recognise added value if they could buy in-store using Augmented Reality or Virtual Reality.
  • Around 70% can imagine using the two technologies at home for shopping.
  • When asked what other virtual elements would make purchasing easier for them as well as product information, most of the survey participants voted for a “compare products” function as well as “virtual consulting and exchange with an avatar”.
  • More than 90% of respondents found the HoloTour of Saturn ‘good’ or ‘very good’.
  • About 60% had previously had no experience with Augmented Reality.
  • Of those who already had experience with AR, the vast majority had only tried AR on a smartphone.

Saturn will be demonstrating the system at the forthcoming IFA show and later this year plans to launch a “virtual store”.

Saturn AR