USB 3.2 Announced

USB 3.2 has now been published by the USB 3.0 Promoter Group. The new standard can deliver double the throughput of USB 3.1, by using dual lanes. Both source and devices need to support the standard and the cable needs to be certified as Superspeed+. The theoretical maximum is 20 Gbps if two 10 Gbps lanes are implemented, although dual 5Gbps are also possible although dual lane operation means that the Alt modes used for display are not available.

Separately, the group announced Audio Device Class 3.0 for Audio over USB Type-C which will allow OEMs to eliminate 3.5mm jacks from devices.

Analyst Comment

We found an interesting article here that goes into a lot of detail on the different implementations of USB and the types of cable available and that need to be used for different applications. (BR)