US Live OTT Subscribers Happy

A report from The Diffusion Group (TDG) in the US said that the results of its survey of 2,000 US broadband users showed that fewer than 5% of those users were using a live streaming Pay-TV service such as Sling TV and DirecTV Now. However, these users are happy with the services with 49% ranking service value as ‘very good’ and 37% as ‘good.’ Only 11% were neutral, and just 3% ranked the services as having poor value.

Michael Greeson, President and Principal Analyst at TDG said

“Given that virtual pay-TV services are for the most part a value play, one premised on ‘skinny’ channel bundles at lower-than-cable prices, user value perception is a critical metric. Early evidence suggests vMVPD providers are doing well in this regard. Users seem okay without the ‘full Monty’ of legacy pay-TV channels, and to be fairly tolerant of the shortcomings that haunt live streaming video, such as buffering, pixelation, and screen freezing.”