UltraHD TV Panels Exceed 470% Growth

Worldwide UltraHD panel shipments will exceed 17.2 million units this year – a 473.4% increase on 2013. Data from Taiwan’s MIC shows that these units underwent a 178.8% QoQ increase in Q2, almost reaching 4.4 million shipments. Share of the total LCD TV panel market was about 7%.

In Q4, MIC forecasts that more than 6 million UltrahD TV panels will be shipped worldwide: a 10% LCD TV panel market share. For the year as a whole, share will be about 7.2%, compared to 1.3% in 2013.

The RGBW UltraHD panels developed by Korean makers were mainly shipped to Chinese TV brands in Q2. The Koreans are hoping to tempt Chinese companies to use their panels by lowering the price gap between UltraHD and FullHD units. MIC believes that more than 1 million of these panels will be shipped in 2014, representing about 8% of total UltraHD shipments.

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At the moment, nobody is shipping RGBW UltraHD sets in Europe, as far as I know. However, if they start to, there could be an interesting discussion within Digital Europe about whether the sets would qualify for the “UltraHD” logo that we reported on. It’s not clear to us whether the panels would be allowable. (BR)