No 3D on UltraHD Blu-ray?

Blu ray leaked slide

An UltraHD Blu-ray standard is under development, we heard last month (4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs are Great but is it too Late?, Display Monitor Vol 22 No 4), but some have suggested that it will not include 3D. A slide, apparently leaked from a meeting, does not show 3D on the list of features – which include Rec.2020 coverage and framerates between 23.97fps and 60fps.

A single leaked slide is not conclusive proof, but doesn’t bode well for 3D

 Analyst Comment

Of course, as Matt pointed out in his recent article (Sensio Announces 4K 3D TV Distribution Format), if the Sensio format is adopted, and spatial compression is used there is no bit rate increase and a standard codec can be used, so the HEVC code and peak video bit rates should be fine for 3D, although a standard system should be agreed on for decoding, so without a formal standard, 3D will remain a niche. This link takes you to a Japanese language site that has quite a bit more information. 

We were interested in the MaxFALL (maximum frame average light level and the BDA recommends that it not be above 400 nits with only specular highlights being allowed to go above 1,000 cd/m²) specification. The proposal also specifies the ST 2084 EOTF, which is the formalisation of the Dolby tone curve on HDR and ST 2086 as a way of communicating the colour space that the content was rendered for. However, Dolby Vision has not been adopted as a standard at this stage. (BR)