4K Ultra HD Blu-ray Specs are Great but is it too Late?

Victor Matsuda, chairman of the Blu-ray Disc Association, has discussed the upcoming UltraHD Blu-ray standard and what it will offer over streaming video.

Because physical media has a much greater bandwidth than most internet connections, UltraHD Blu-ray will reach transfer speeds of up to 108Mbps for 66GB dual-layer discs and 128Mbps for 100GB triple-layer discs – well above the 15Mbps that is being targeted for UltraHD streaming.

Initially, at least, the discs will be capable of playing UltraHD content at 60fps. Matsuda also told What HiFi that the Association plans to incorporate a wider colour gamut, greater bit depth and high dynamic range features.


The downside to a new Blu-ray format, of course, is that it will require totally new players, which is likely to limit adoption far more than streaming services will see. (TA)