Industry Stakeholders Form UHD Alliance

The formation of the UHD Alliance was announced the day before CES officially began. A collaboration between Hollywood studios, consumer electronics brands, post-production and technology companies, the Alliance aims to establish standards for UltraHD and higher video, focusing on ‘better pixels’ (HDR, wide colour gamut, immersive 3D audio, etc).

Samsung, LG, Sharp, Sony and Panasonic were among those industry members who joined the new Alliance, along with content producers such as Netflix, Walt Disney and 20th Century Fox.

Lack of content has been one of the points holding back UltraHD adoption. It is thought that the Alliance will be able to help the technology enter the mainstream market. The aim is that ‘all of the links in the chain – from the production, distribution and consumption of content to the playback capability of devices – meet the identified premium quality standards, whilst embracing standards that are open and allow flexibility in the market, yet give consumers confidence that they can watch the content they want on their devices’.

A roadmap for UltraHD technology will be released in the coming months.

Sony and Netflix, both members of the Alliance, are working together this year.

Display Daily Comment

It’s clear that there is lots of technology for HDR and WCG. The lack, at the moment, is of standards. The UHD Alliance might help in this, so, broadly, we welcome it. (BR)