TVLogic Shows Professional Monitors at SMPTE

TVLogic was at the SMPTE Fall Conference showing off some of its professional monitors. While the monitors are not necessarily brand new, the company did show a demo with Fujifilm that will allow live grading on-set using the is-mini component.

For the on-set application, the is-mini accepts a video signal from the camera or recorder in a log format. The is-mini stores dozens of third party LUTs to create instant color grading. It can also support a number of color grading looks. In addition, the is-mini has monitor calibration files so what is then sent to the monitor on-set over HD SDI or HDMI will be a color accurate image.

The is-mini can also accept video from an editing, grading or VFX system. The monitor calibration file is important to be sure that the display colors are accurate.

If you want to start grading on set, simply connect a laptop PC/MAC to the is-mini using the USB connector and start your grading session. Fujifilm says it stores the LUTs and looks with 26 bits per color