TV Set Viewing Drops 55%

A new global survey by Accenture, is reporting a 55% drop in the number of consumers who say they prefer to watch TV shows on the traditional TV. Accenture’s 2017 Digital Consumer Survey found that 42% of consumers would rather watch TV on a laptop or desktop, which is a rise from 32% in last year’s survey. Also, 13% said they preferred watching TV on a smartphone, which is up from 10% last year. As recently as 2014, the survey revealed that 65% of consumers preferred watching TV shows on a traditional TV.

Watching TV is moving to laptops and desktops, but the smartphone is becoming the preferred device for watching short video clips, with 41% saying they would rather watch these clips on their mobile, a figure which was 28% last year. In contrast, the number of consumers who said they would rather watch video clips on their laptops and desktops dropped from 47% to 44% over the last year. The number that said that they prefer to watch video clips on their TV sets, dropped from 16% to 5%.

In total, 26,000 consumers in 26 countries completed the online questionnaires. The most-recent findings, summarised in a new Accenture report, “Winning Experiences in the New Video World”, show that 19% now prefer to watch sport on their TVs, which is down from 38% in a prior-year survey.

Gavin Mann, global managing director for Accenture’s broadcast business stated that, the dominance of the TV set as the undisputed entertainment device is ending with research uncovering a rapid move to viewing on laptops, desktops and smartphones. The push by communications and media companies to provide ubiquitous OTT content has enabled consumers to access high-quality content across multiple devices.