TV Panels Drive Large-Sized Shipments in 2014

Taiwan’s MIC reports that, due to a 5% rise in LCD TV shipments last year, LCD TV panels were the main application for large-sized panel shipments in 2014. Shipment value of LCD TV panels was up 1.9%, to $43.8 billion, but ASPs were down 6.1% to $175.70.

The majority of LCD TV panels – 47.4% – were shipped by Korean vendors. Taiwanese vendors (31.9%) followed.

Due to the increased shipment share of large and premium (i.e. UltraHD) panels, the ASP fall was lower than that of 2013 (13.2%). Another reason for the slowdown in ASP reduction was the tight LCD TV panel supply in the second half of 2014. The reduction decelerated as a result, and some sizes, such as 32″ and 40″, even saw an ASP increase.

MIC expects LCD TV panel ASPs to rise 1.3%, to $178, this year, as shipments of large and high-end panels continue to climb – especially among Korean and Chinese vendors. However, ASPs will later fall thanks to rising production capacity and panel supply in the second half of the year.