TronXYZ Breaks Cover

We’ve reported several times over recent years on SuperD, a Chinese company that has been developing 3D and that quite impressed us when we saw the company’s autostereo technology at MWC in 2016. (SuperD’s 3D Box Tracks the User) The company set up a subsidiary in the US in 2014, TronXYZ, but dropped out of sight for us. Now the company has come back with an announcement that it has a new headset the VR One which is claimed to have ‘panoramic’ views with 1080P resolution, although it is also described as having an UltraHD display with “single eye PPI over 600”.

Analyst Comment

We thought there was something interesting here, but there are few details. We have contacted the company to get more on the headsets and will report back if we are able to get anything.