SuperD’s 3D Box Tracks the User

SuperD is a Chinese company, based in Shenzen, that has been working on 3D technologies since 2004 and claims to have 600 patents on 3D technologies. It was showing the “3D Box” which is designed to work with a mobile device to show auto-stereo 3D. The screen is a half-silvered mirror that is partly transparent and reflects the image from an LCD in the lid that has a lenticular 3D lens system, created using LC materials. The use of an LC material for the lens allows the switching of the display from 2D to 3D.

The Box connects to an app on your phone (iPhone or Android) to allow game play and video. The Box has an integrated camera that can track where the user is to modify the rendering for an optimum experience.

The Box is already selling in China and the firm was at the show to get more partners to try to sell the Box in other markets. The Box is being supplied through InFocus/Foxconn.

There’s a video online at

Analyst Comment

We were quite impressed with the performance of the display. The partial transparency of the screen gives a “floating” effect to the content. (BR)