Vol 23 - Issue 08


Something New Needed at MWC.

by Bob Raikes

Ever had one of those mornings? I got back from the ECR (radiology event – for medical monitors – report next week) in Vienna late last night and got up early, as is my …

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UK Satellite Could Support 30 UHD Channels

by Tom Allen

UK regulator Ofcom is examining future demand for satellite bandwidth in a new consultation document, which is open for comments until the 10th May. One of the body’s key findings is that it believes …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Satellite| Spectrum Allocation| UK (United Kingdom)| UltraHD (4KTV)| Vol 23 - Issue 08

Forth DD Recognised for Green Work

by Tom Allen

Forth Dimension Displays of the UK has been granted ISO14001 environmental certification. The certification recognises the company’s commitment to safely and carefully manage the impact of its business on the environment.

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OLED-TV Is Real: Sales Reached $1 Billion in 2015

by Ken Werner

One billion dollars worth of OLED TV sets were sold last year, seven times the sales in 2014, according to a recent IHS report. Ninety percent of that market belonged to LG, but Shin …

Tags:CES 2016| LG Electronics (LGE)| OLED TVs| Samsung| Vol 23 - Issue 08

UDC Signs OLED Agreement with Osram

by Tom Allen

Universal Display Corp. (UDC) and Osram have signed a collaboration and evaluation agreement, which will see Osram begin sampling UDC’s phosphorescent OLED (PHOLED) materials for use in lighting. The news comes just one month …

Tags:Automotive| Large Display Monitor| Lighting| Mobile Display Monitor| OLEDs| Osram| UDC| Vol 23 - Issue 08

JPR Hosts Breakfast Briefing at GDC

by Isaac Oburu

Portrait Displays has announced that it will sponsor the Jon Peddie Research (JPR) press briefing breakfast at the Game Developer’s Conference. The breakfast will take place at 8:15 AM on the 16th March, at …

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Amazon Recalls Faulty Fire Chargers

by Isaac Oburu

Amazon has recalled chargers for Fire devices sold after September 2015 in the UK, because they could cause a shock to tablet users. The chargers recalled bear the FABK7B model number. Amazon is compensating …

Tags:Amazon| Mobile Display Monitor| Repair| tablets| Vol 23 - Issue 08

Tablet Demand Declining

by Isaac Oburu

Tablet supply chain vendors expect slow tablet business in Q1’16, and shipments are predicted by supply chain sources to be low. Most brand vendors are adjusting their product lines and business strategies, with the …

Tags:Mobile Display Monitor| Supply Chain| tablets| Vol 23 - Issue 08

OLED Emits RGB From Same Materials

by Tom Allen

A research group at the Centre for Organic Photonics and Electronics Research (OPERA) (Kyushu University, Japan) has developed an OLED technology that can emit red, green and blue light using the same organic material. …

Tags:Large Display Monitor| Mobile Display Monitor| OLED Materials| TADF| Vol 23 - Issue 08

Microsoft Launches Pre-order for HoloLens and Meta Follows Suit

by Norbert Hildebrand

After a long waiting period, we can finally see the Microsoft HoloLens device being offered for pre-order. The HoloLens device is an augmented reality headset with two displays and some form of holographic technology …

Tags:AR Glasses| Augmented Reality| Microsoft| Mobile Display Monitor| Vol 23 - Issue 08

iPhone 5SE Renamed – Before Launch

by Tom Allen

According to reports, Apple’s new iPhone will ditch its numbering system entirely. Rather than the previously-rumoured ‘iPhone 5SE’ (Apple Goes Back One Gen With New iPhone), it will instead be referred to simply as …

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TVs Fall as UltraHD Continues to Grow

by Tom Allen

A weakening in global TV set demand, coupled with continued LCD capacity expansion, caused TV panel oversupply in the second half of last year. IHS says that the shift to oversupply has led to …

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