Transceivers Stream Full HD 1080p over IP for Video Matrices, Video Walls, and Live Broadcasting

DVDO®, leveraging over two decades of award-winning Pro AV video and data connectivity leadership, introduced DVDO-H264/5-Encoder and DVDO-H264/5-Decoder, designed to convert Full HD 1080p video from any HDMI source into high-quality H.264/5 streams over IP for use in video walls, matrices, and live broadcasts.

“Our H.264/265 encoders and decoders turn high definition video into efficient data streams over IP,” said DVDO CEO Doug Fealtman. “With unlimited scalability and versatility customers expect from any DVDO product, these video streams can then be manipulated into video walls and matrices in any configuration, as well as live monitoring and broadcast for diverse visual communication needs.”

DVDO-H264/5-Encoder plugs into any HDMI video source, such as Bluray players, PCs, laptops, and cameras, and converts the video into an H.264/265 stream over IP. An encoder can be paired with a decoder to transmit Full HD 1080p video streams up to 100m / 330’ via a single Ethernet cable run, along with audio, USB, and bidirectional IR/RS232 control. The transceiver set is also PoC capable, so only one power source is required to operate both the encoder and decoder.

Using an Ethernet switch, a single video stream source can also be distributed to multiple decoders paired to displays, acting as a video splitter for public information display purposes. In addition, using a simple iOS or Android app, multiple sources can be configured in a matrix and routed to multiple displays in a wide range of configurations, simplifying video wall setups.

DVDO’s new line of Pro AV infrastructure solutions include commercial-grade cameras, wireless and HDBaseT extenders, splitters, matrices, multiplexers, and KVM switches universally support a wide range of sources, displays, and audio output devices in any combination. DVDO Pro AV devices are available from the company’s website and through distributors and Pro AV resellers.

About DVDO, Inc.

Built upon 20+ years of technical expertise in the Pro AV market, DVDO, Inc. delivers video connectivity and data communication solutions for corporate AV professionals, installers, and end users. DVDO cameras, facial / thermal recognition solutions, video switchers, wireless adapters and video processors provide professional-quality video from multiple sources across a wide range of displays and applications. Today, backed by decades of award-winning innovation and trusted video management, DVDO is actively engaged in developing highly reliable data management systems, applying pioneering technologies in zero-latency Gigabit HDBaseT, 60GHz wireless 4K HDMI, and fiber optics to meet evolving needs of businesses and consumers worldwide.